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McAfee False-positive hit

Fresh reports of the McAfee update “felling PCs across the world” is sweeping across the news and help forums.

The problem seems to be a false-positive that surfaces when a new DAT file is patched on an older McAfee engine. The 4th of July holiday probably helped a bit too with people being a little less alert.

These things will happen, and the important lesson to learn is the critical focus required while working with security systems that have a costly false-positive impact. Hollywood has been cashing in on this idea for decades (remember Robocop?). These things will get more interesting as we move to security systems more sophisticated then these.


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Firefox extension collections

With the move to Firefox 3.5 we now have firefox collections. This nicely solves a regular problem I always had; referring a good set of extensions to someone who has just moved to firefox or is not using extensions yet (yeah, people do that).

I used to collect a tagged list of extensions on my delicious pages that people could scroll over to pickup from. It also helped my selectively pickup extensions on new browser installations around the place.

I can now quickly refer people to my extension collection to which they can subscribe and get updates as I post new extensions or edit out any old ones.

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