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There was a time when people suggested that this angry-young-man should mellow down, or better, retire! And over the past years he did a bit of both; but — he also did a few other things while he was at it. From a unidirectional role player who almost always led you to guns and swords, Amitabh dispersed into a gala of characters; picking up threads of refined presentations — Black and Sarkar to name a couple of works i recently caught him on. It is now that he starts to leave a yet-deeper mark in movie history.

Sarkar based on The-Godfather story, leads the two Bachchans along the roles of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. As a Bollywood movie, it has a few things which are rarely seen in mainstream cinema from that place. And, these are things that will help define a better bollywood movie — out of its present cliched existance.

1) The movie is devoid of song-n-dance numbers.
2) Does not attempt to reinforce the hero-and-hapless-lady constructs.
3) Skips mexican-standoffs in the face of many opportunities.

That is a lot to say for one-hindi-movie.

Getting warmed up on the Indian movie angle is a nice time to notice another development in a different genre. Ian McDonald has — relatively recently — written a science-fiction work set in India of the future (2047 to be precise). This should be an interesting read — meaning, i have not got my hands or eyes on it yet; what i have read are the reviews.
One thing strikes a chord somewhere though!
The Krishna-cops of this plot seem lifted right out of the Blade-Runner movie script (which itself is right around a Philip K Dick book — not the focus of this writing at the moment).
Here we seem to have an adapted extension of the cliche by a British author to an Indian context. Hopefully, he has grown it into an interesting plot. Planning on reading River of Gods very soon.


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